Monday, September 3, 2007

AARP Response to Scholarship Question

CareGivers Nationwide,

I would like to thank all the CareGivers nationwide, Women and Men, for their responses and support of my question to the AARP's Scholarship program. I would also like to thank AARP for their response and understanding. It is my hope that the entire FAMILY share the Emotional, Physical and Financial demands of Day-to-Day CAREGIVING SUPPORT of our love ones.

Here's AARP's response:

"Thank you for your interest in the AARP Foundation Women’s Scholarship Fund. It is a new program that just launched last month. The foundation is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all as we age. We lead positive social change and deliver value to those 50 and older with emphasis on those at social and economic risk. Women are 75 percent of the elderly poor and our goal with this new scholarship is to help secure the future of as many women as we can. While the scholarship is primarily for women, gender is one factor in consideration, as is age. Those 40+ who are women meet two of the established criteria for the scholarship. Other criteria include: those raising grandchildren or another family members’ children, those who have been out of the workforce for a long period and those who are in dead-end jobs. All of the criteria will be considered in awarding the scholarships. If you feel that you meet several of the criteria, please feel free to apply. Additionally, please check out the AARP Foundation’s Public Benefits Outreach programs at for more information about programs to assist caregivers, as well as benefits that are aimed at helping people like you. We hope that you will find our programs useful.

Deborah Briceland-Betts National Director, Women's Programs

Thank you AARP and Deborah

CareGiver Guy, Email;

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