Friday, October 5, 2007

CareGiver Guy Needs A Hug

Support groups no longer provide me with the type of communication and interaction that I need as a caregiver. I need interaction between caregivers because they are the only ones that truly understand what it is like to be caregiver. I need a support group that allows the "moderator" to ask a simple question " Is there anything I can do for you?" I need to interact with my fellow caregivers online and in person. Sometimes, I just need a hug and for someone to say it's going to be OK. I would like to create an online community of caregivers who will interact, voice their frustrations, ask for support and sometimes just get together in a group and just give each other a hug. If you're interested email me at I am located in the San Francisco Greater Bay Area.


Anonymous said...

Here's a hug Caregiver guy. I know how difficult it can be to take care of a love one

Kristi Gott said...

I know what you mean. It would be a good idea to have all of us who are caregivers online to be a support group for each other. People who have experienced it understand, and really "get it." Take care, Kristi Marie Gott,

Lisa in Kansas City said...

I understand what you mean. We caregivers isolate ourselves so much that it's great to reach out and get a hug. I got a hug from my mailman yesterday.

Lisa in Kansas City