Saturday, April 3, 2010

Changes Part 3

My 89-year old mom who could not stand or walk a month ago is now walking short distances with the aid of a walker. Mom's femur, knee and her total-hip replacement have been X-rayed; two lab tests and a ultra scan to check her liver. The results NADA, negative, absolutely nothing, zilch, etc. I would like to thank Kaiser Hosptial Oakland X-Ray technicians who had to deal with an extremely difficult and strong 89-year old lady, her Alameda-based doctor and HealthCare At Home nurse and physical therapist. I am not an active religious person but I did pray a lot this past month; Special Thanks to God for listening to my prayers. I would also like to thank the entire CareGiverGuy Nation for all their support, prayers, and (116) emails.


Lisa said...

Caregiver Guy

Thank you lord for giving his mother the strength to walk again.

Lisa in Miami, Florida

Cindy, Boston Sports Fan said...

Thanks for your update Caregiver Guy! My mom has been bed-ridden the last two years and it's been tough on me as the only caregiver. Please keep on writing because you make me laugh and cry.

Boston Girl

Tony - SJ Support Group said...


It must have been that Arizona Ice Tea that she's been it the Arizona diet ginsing flavor...super-drink for the elderly.

San Jose, CA