Friday, April 2, 2010

Changes Part 2 always challenging and at times frustrating for the love one and for you as a caregiver. We're going to see the doctor today to see if there is any physical or mental changes that have occured. Right now, she's not able to get out of the bed, chair, and toliet without assistance. It is physically challenging for me and her caregivers to move her but she can walk with our assistance but you need to place your forearm under her arm pits and place your body directly behind her to make her feel secure. She can walk but now her world has gotten a little smaller. We need to be educated on how to manuver her from her bed to the toliet to sit up without her assistance. In most facilities most caregivers can receive help from their colleagues but in a private home you're all alone. She's sleeping or laying down more so we have to be concern about bed burns and keeping her mentally and physically active. I also need to know that my current caregivers can physically and emotionally handle this new change in my mom's life. I'm a strong guy but lifting her and moving her has been physically challenging.


Lisa in Kansas City said...

CareGiver Guy

I'm there. This is Lisa from Kansas City and my mother fell last week and broke her hip. I'm at a loss because she's in the hospital with a total hip replacement but I know my life will change when she comes home

Lisa in Kansas City

Tom in Denver said...

Caregiver Guy

WOW, I've been reading your blog because my grandfather has first stage dementia and I'm taking care of him. My grandfather raised me after my parents died but I'm a little scared of what's involved. What do you think? Can I contact you by email?

Denver, CO

Judith said...

Hi CareGiver Guy (love the story behind the name),

Hope you have found a Hoyer lift by now. Noticed that your last post was almost 3 weeks ago.

We have had one for my 82 y.o. mom (alzheimers, mid-late stage) for 2 months, ever since we brought her home from Assisted Living.

Seeing Mom become bed bound was very hard. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences on this blog.