Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Changes...with my 89-year old mom happened overnight. She woke up one morning and she was scared. She was afraid to get out of bed and held on to the headboard with great strength. She always wakes up in the middle of the night and walked to the bathroom and pee but last night was different. I told her "let's go to the bathroom" and I saw fear in her eyes. I tried to move her legs to the floor and mom just yelled. I tried to get her up by supporting her back with my hands but she just screamed like she was in pain. I tried again and without touching her back with my hands she screamed again. I finally got mom's feet touching the floor and finally sitting on the bed. She was still scared but finally held on to the hand grips of her walker and stooded up...but I had to place my forearms under her armpits to support her and stood right behind to make her feel safe. She started to walk very gingerly and for the first time she pushed her walker rather than pick up the walker. I noticed small changes...she didn't know where the bathroom was...she didn't want to go outside and walk...she didn't want to go in the car and she stayed in bed during a good part of the day. She did walk around the house however always with the help of her caregiver or me. We have an appointment with her doctor on Friday and this week I've been educating her caregivers with the new "Changes."


DunkinDonutGirl said...
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Hilary in Beverly Hills said...


Are you doing OK? I found it difficult when my mom got sick and there was changes in our household.

Beverly Hills, CA