Friday, March 19, 2010

Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law - "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong."

Life for a caregiver is a rollercoaster of Murphy's Law events. My life managing a staff of caregivers was running very smoothly and even when there was a blip on the system I was ready for the opportunity to handle the blip.

The first blip was my mom's part time caregiver who handles the Monday and Tuesday daytime shift informed me that she would be moving on to a new job after a year caring for my mom. I was ready and looking forward to retaining a new caregiver through nationwide service. The second blip was the laptop computer that we used for Safeway grocery orders and Netflix DVD deliveries was attacked by viruses. The third blip was Comcast services went haywire so Mom and the caregivers received only half the cable stations. What was really frustrating was Comcast's customer service stated that it would take four days to get a repair person out to the house. The fourth blip was my cell phone screen froze and I spent 45 minutes talking with a T-Mobile customer service agent only to tell me that you need to upgrade to a new phone. Upgrade means you need to buy a new phone dummy. The fifth blip was mom's new caregiver has only five months experience driving a car. The sixth blip was Mom got focused on visiting the cemetary which delayed my flight plans. The seventh blip was my fellow passenger soaked me with her can of soda. The eight BIG blip was a family member got a diabetic seizure but he's OK. Today was a relatively good day...nobody got hurt or died just lots of blips.


Susan the New Jersey Girl said...

Caregiver Guy

What a blipping day! I had a day like that last week just one blip after another blip but like you said at the end of day nobody got hurt or died just lots of freaking blips.

New Jersey Girl

Lucy Sanchez said...

Caregiver Guy

We all have blipping days! The small blipping incidents are the ones that drive me crazy because it's the little ones that adds to the big ones. Whenever life is running smoothly I worry when will the blip hit the fan.

Lucy Sanchez
NYC Caregiver of 98-year old mom

Paul Clay said...

Caregiver Guy

I sent emails to all my fellow caregivers with the South Hampton Caregivers Support Groups. We love your blog!

Paul Clay
South Hampton Caregivers Support Group

Anonymous said...

Oh, do I understand blips. It seems like all last week something broke down and I just can't afford to buy a new one or repair it. I love your blog Caregiver Guy

Kansas City

Steve Jones, New York Knicks Fan said...

Caregiver Guy

What a relief to know that there is another guy taking care of moms. I hate going to the local support group where there is twenty women and no guys. Can I contact you by email? I have so many questions?

Steve Jones
New York Knicks Fan

Caregiver Guy said...

Steve Jones

Email me any questions or comments to You must be a faithful Knicks fan like I am a Golden State Warrior fan.



Mark in Santa Cruz said...

Caregiver Guy

I feel like making a line of t-shirts "I'm having a blipping Day"; I've been taking care of my wife who has dementia for the last 5 years. Man, it's so hard to do this all by myself. Live Long and Prosper!

Mark in Santa Cruz

sarah said...

wow, thanks for the insight into a day in the life... I love your positive attitude, especially when it seems like everything is blowing up!

sarah zell