Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Changes Part 5

Three months have past and I got an email notification to have mom x-rayed. As always mom had difficulty getting x-rayed but we got it. The shadow on the previous x-ray still exist but at least it hasn't increased in size. The next step is to get a CT scan but trying to get a 89-year old mom with dementia will be difficult.

According to several medical articles and private discussions with medical people a "shadow" could be just about anything. In a 89-year old woman who has never smoked in her life the "shadow" is not cancer although discussion with a pulmonary doctor should be scheduled in three months after another x-ray. According to a radiologist X-rays are full of shadows and light which the radiologist must interpret- so much depends on the angle at which the person is standing, the angle of the camera, how close or far the patient is from the camera and a host of other things.

The last X-Ray had the radiologist holding my mom up inorder to get an X-Ray...not exactly the correct way to have an X-Ray.

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