Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Profile of your Love One

I first developed my mom's personal profile for the nurses, CNA's, physical therapist and doctors so they would know who she was as a person. I wanted to let them know that mom came to this country as a war bride in 1947 by ship with my 6-month old brother and that it took two weeks to arrive in the United States. I wanted to let everyone know that she was a full time house wife living in the same home that my parents bought in 1955. I wanted to let people that she love soap operas and gardening. I wanted everyone especially her caregivers to know who she was before she developed dementia and who she was now with the goal to establish a stronger bond between her and her caregivers.

Here's a profile of my mom that I provided her caregivers and any medical facility.
  • My mom needed her glasses to see and that she had great eyesight reading out loud every sign on the streets and freeways.
  • My mom went out everyday to the parks, shopping centers, with the help of a walker.
  • My mom needed guidance and help to walk to the bathroom 24/7.
  • My mom does not plan or cook her meals.
  • My mom loves going to the dog parks in Alameda while eating her McDonalds lunch from the car.
  • I also provide a mini-family album and pictures of her with the caregivers.

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