Friday, November 5, 2010

What is your escape?

We Caregivers need an escape in our lives and for me the World Series San Francisco Giants provided me with a GIANT Escape from my life as a caregiver. I became a San Francisco Giant fan as a child when our dad took my brother and me to our first major league baseball game , eating peanuts, popcorn, and hotdogs and singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame was pure heaven.

Today, it's a three-hour escape from taking care of my mom who has dementia. I could listen to the ball game on my AM/FM portable radio while taking mom to the bathroom, cheer Cody Ross as he hit two home runs in the playoff game against Philadelphia, and finally hugging a complete stranger next to me when the Giants beat the Texas Rangers for the World Series championship.

What is your escape? Is it getting a massage or taking a long walk on the beach?


Lisa said...

Watching movies is my escape but I'm watching your movie My Sister's Keeper with Cameron Diaz. Caregiver Guy I'm crying my heart out; the young boy who has cancer just said to his prom date who has cancer also "if I didn't have cancer I wouldn't have met you" and then he doesn't call her up after their date; Cameron and her daughter finds out that he died. YOY am I watching this's so good to cry.

Vanessa said...

Papa who has dementia goes to sleep around 1AM and that's the time I turn on the baby monitor and I get into my warm bath and just close my eyes...that's my escape.