Sunday, February 28, 2010

Managing My Mom's Caregiver Crew

My mom has three full time caregivers and one part-time caregiver. At the end of their shift, each caregiver will email a report of mom's activities, eating habits, daily mental and physical activities, and anything unusual to my designated head caregiver. She provides me a daily email report every morning and will call me just to chat. The head caregiver, who is a former nurse, does all the Safeway delivery orders, Netflix request, conducts blood pressure testing every week, ability to request an emergency caregiver through an agency, and someone I TRUST.

This caregiving system allows mom to stay in her own home and gives me a LIFE after several years of taking care of mom. It's not the perfect system because it's extremely expensive but my work provides the income to make it work.


CareGiverGuy's Brother-in-Arms said...

CareGiver Guy, my god where have you been. I check your blog every once in a while to see if you had posted anything new but nada. I love your new design and I'm glad you're moved on. I was really worried about you. I finally got my sisters and brothers to finally help me but it was a little too late because I was like a zombie. I'm glad that there is life after caregiving because I am still emotionally gone and feeling guilty.

CareGiverGuy's Brother-in-Arms
New Mexico

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!